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It does not feel good to be sick

It’s been 3 days since I was sick. My head feels heavy, my throat is sore, my nose is stuffed and I have a fever 😦

As a student, I really hope I would miraculously recover instantly. I do not like the idea of spending my monthly allowance on visiting the doctor, who knows how much that would cost me.

It got me thinking somehow. After I graduate and start working, I really must take care of my health: eat right, exercise, sleep well and maintain my hygiene of course. It sounds like a lot but I wouldn’t want to spend my low income on spendings that can be avoided like a visit to the doctor when I’m sick.

It’s not only the money, being sick affects my performance as well. I always feel tired, which is bad because I have an exam coming up in 2 days, can’t memorize or concentrate very well when I’m sick. Being sick is bad for productivity.

That is why leading a healthy lifestyle is very important, not only to me, to everyone. I know it can be hard sometimes when we are all so busy with our tasks and jobs. Be flexible but also be discipline at the same time.

Few ideas:

  1. Sleep before 11pm (if possible)
  2. Opt for more natural foods in your diet instead of processed ones
  3. Walk more often!
  4. Exercise at least 30mins a day

These are my goals to achieve during my 4 years here in university. Get well soon to me 🙂

Stay healthy; Stay happy 😉


Is There a Disorder for Indecisiveness?

Went grocery shopping with my sister yesterday.

Me: ‘I want to eat mushrooms’

Sis: “Okay get Shiitake then, it’s cheap”

*a pack of shiitake mushrooms are placed in the trolley*

Me: ‘I want to bring some apples to school’

*a bag of Rose Apples into the trolley*

Me: ‘RM20 for 50 bags of green tea, why not?!?’

*A box of green tea landed in the trolley*

After strolling around while checking out other groceries

Sis: “How are you going to finish such a big pack of mushrooms?”

Me: ‘I thought you wanted them?’

Sis: “You were the one shouting about mushrooms just now, I was just suggesting the type you should get”

*Runs back to the fridge and put the pack of mushrooms back*

Me: ‘Nah, dad will buy apples, there is no need to buy them now, I’m not gonna eat it today anyway’

*Puts back the bag of apples nicely*

Me: ‘The main reason I came was for potato chips, stick to your original motive!’

*Quietly place the box of green tea back on the shelf*

Sis:”God you are so indecisive!”

I know, but I didn’t know it was this serious. Why can’t I make a decision and stick to it?