RECAP: 2nd semester in Physiotherapy

Hooray, another semester completed 🙂

Units I had taken:

  1. Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  2. Pathology
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Biochemistry & Neurophysiology
  5. Ethnic Relations**
  6. Presentation Skills*

*compulsory units to be taken in INTI / **MPU subjects/ credits not included

Musculoskeletal Anatomy:

The name says it all!! However for this semester, the focus was more on upper and lower limbs musculoskeletal anatomy, including the nerves, arteries and joints.


This is one of my favourite subjects in this semester. Very interesting to learn about various diseases/disorders, their pathophysiology, etiology and the diagnostic tests used. Some examples of diseases/disorders that we learned about are diabetes, GIT diseases, pancreatic diseases, lung and heart diseases etc.


Another one of my favourite subjects in this semester. Topics we covered were pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, route of administration for drugs, drug treatment for various disorders/diseases and process of drug development.

Biochemistry and Neurophysiology:

A lot of my classmates dread this subject. For biochemistry we learned about carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. Well, for the neurophysiology part, it was quite new to us and felt like information overload, but if you are willing to dedicate your free time to study the notes and understand the topic well, it is actually not that hard. For neurophysiology we covered neurotransmission, sensory system, motor system, cerebellum disorders, postural control and ANS.

Ethnic Relations:

It was the same like TITAS, only 3 face-to-face classes with the lecturer throughout the whole semester, and the rest was mainly completing weekly quizzes in the online portal.

As for our big assignment, it was to shoot a video about unity in Malaysia, no worries, it’s group work. First, a summary of your video will be submitted to the lecturer. After approval, you only may proceed to shoot your video. We took only 2 days to finish this, one day to write the lines, another day to shoot the video. The whole process was quicker than I have expected 🙂

Presentation Skills:

I have mixed feelings for this class. Well, it’s presentation skills, you’re suppose to do a small presentation in front of the whole class each week! It was fun, sometimes, but most times I feel pressured as I’m not a good public speaker. Topics that we touched on were Weak & Strong languages, Voice modulation , Closing with commitment etc.


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