A Short Trip to Sungai Lembing

Short trips are the best. Travelling with people that click with you are the best 🙂

Sungai Lembing is a place that I always wanted to visit, mainly because of Panaroma hill, with legends of its beautiful view of sea of clouds in the morning  when ou hike to the peak ><


The drive from Maran to Sungai Lembing took about 1.5 hrs. We departed at around 3pm.

We stayed at Lembing Riverview Resort. Honestly, this place is way better than I thought it would be, but to get here you’ll have to drive through a chinese cemetery hill, which I was kind of scared at first, but I got used to it later, with respect to the deceased.

I didn’t capture any pictures of our room and the interior of this house, but trust me, it looks exactly like what you find online and their rooms are super clean!!! You have to take of your shoes before you enter, therefore the floor is not sandy at all!!! Our room was so cozy, we didn’t want to leave the bed the next day when we checked out cause we love this place so much!!! They even provide towels and body shampoo. Highly recommend to everyone although it is located at the opposite side of the river, it’s just a 5 min drive or less to the main street because this kampung is just that small 🙂

After settling down, it’s time to explore the town.

Seriously every attraction you can find about Kampung Sungai Lembing is just a few minutes or even seconds away from each other.

The owner of our homestay recommended this shop (永順茶室) since other shops weren’t open, it’s a vegetarian restaurant. I wonder why there weren’t many tourists around although its a official school holiday week 😦

永順茶室 From above: Egg gravy noodles, Fried Beehoon, Tomato noodles

Nothing much to do after early dinner as most of the shops were closed. Therefore, we head back to our resort to do some exploring (actually just chilling around 🙂

Really cute staircase art at the reception block. Guess which attraction this is?
Random stone pathway in the resort

Gotta get to bed early, as we are expected to wake up at 4.30am the next day.


Our intentions of wanting to witness the sun rising from a beautiful sea of clouds were disrupted by a morning drizzle. Overall, it was an relative easy hike as the path has already been laid out by concrete staircases.

Cloudy, so you can’t really see the sun. Where my sea of clouds at tho? 😦
Spot Sungai Lembing from up here

That concludes my hike, should I cross it off my bucketlist since I didn’t get to witness the legendary sunrise from sea of clouds?

My biggest motivations for all my hiking activities is the FOOD I get to eat after I come down.


阿凤面档 From right (clockwise): Curry noodles, Lembing tofu (made from legendary Sungai Lembing mountain water), Yong taufu

阿凤面档 is located downhill behind Pasar Sungai Lembing (sounds far but really it’s just a less than 1 min drive away). We were there for the Lembing noodles (actually we already had them for dinner yesterday, but it’s never enough right?). Lembing noodles: made from mountain water of Sungai Lembing, that’s what I read online…

They provide you 3 options to have your noodles: clear soup, curry soup or just dry with black noodle sauce (I have no idea what sauce is that but they sell it in the Lembing Noodle Factory, I think it’s soy sauce and sesame oil mixed with other spices). How was the Lembing noodles? It just tasted like any other homemade noodle, I wasn’t really wowed by its texture or taste (this is just solely my opinion), but the Lembing tofu was something special, it was really really soft and silky smooth.

There was still a lot of time left to burn, so instead of going back to get a nice hot shower, we went to the hanging bridge instead.

The sign says: Jambatan Gantung Kolong Pahat Lembing

After we reached to the other side, there was a short row of shops. One of them was the Lembing Noodle Factory/shop.

Noodle making in progress

The shop also sells the again I’m going to say it LEGENDARY soyabean jelly: made with mountain water of Sungai Lembing (but they call it toufufah, looks more like jelly to me). RM2 for one, it’s expensive but OMG, the texture is soooooooo freaking smooth, silky smooth and soft,. It’s not bouncy like agar agar, how should I put it? Ah, it;s similar to sea birdnest jelly(maybe I’m exaggerating, maybe not ><)!! You have to try this when you come here, I wouldn’t say it’s worth every penny, but you are on holiday right?

Picture credits to JESTINAJ’S

That concludes my short trip across the hanging bridge.

Checkout time was 12pm. What should we do next? Visit the museums of course!

First stop: Sungai Lembing Museum, RM2 per entry for Malaysia Citizens.It was quite informative overall. I admit that I did not read through every single piece of information available in the museum, but I can tell you it’s about the history and past events in Sungai Lembing (if it isn’t obvious enough lol)

Last stop: Sungai Lembing Mining Tunnel

Lucky us, it was Friday, which means lunch breaks were longer. We had to wait till 2.45pm when the ticket counter opens.

Entered the tunnel via a 100m mining cart ride, short and exciting for a first timer

Honestly, the tunnel was just like reviews I read online, disappointing.

  1. Water was dripping everywhere, maybe because it’s a cave?
  2. Most of information boards have lightings that don’t work, well I’m not born with night vision so I can’t read anything from it.
  3. A few of the interactive learning boards are not even functional, which is disappointing to me, as hands on experience adds fun to whole journey in understanding the history of mining back in the old days.

It’s Malaysia, don’t carry high expectations for everything and you won’t be too disappointed. Still, I gotta say for RM15.90 per entry, my trip might be more worth it if they actually maintained the place properly 😦

Recommended reading if you would like to get more info about this place.

Cute mining cart? (I have no idea what is the name of this thing) It’s locate outside of the tunnel

Tip: you can actually walk into the tunnel if do not want to ride the cart, there is another entrance/exit located at the futher right of the cart entrance. 

But before you leave, make sure to grab some homemade (RM5) Lembing Coconut Biscuits!!! Btw, beware of the place of production of the biscuit, I actually found 2 different packaging and I though it was from 2 different shops in Sg. Lembing until I read the details—one of them is actually from Kuantan town == SO make sure you get the Sg. Lembing one, not the Kuantan one, okay ? 🙂

And that concludes my little trip. Things I haven’t done yet here are

  1. visiting the Rainbow Waterfalls
  2. visiting the Crystal House
  3. trying Lembing roasted pork (the shops selling roasted pork are only open on Friday nights and weekends)
  4. trying the Egg Cheecheongfun (it wasn’t open, I wonder why)

Till next time, Kampung Sungai Lembing 🙂



RECAP: 2nd semester in Physiotherapy

Hooray, another semester completed 🙂

Units I had taken:

  1. Musculoskeletal Anatomy
  2. Pathology
  3. Pharmacology
  4. Biochemistry & Neurophysiology
  5. Ethnic Relations**
  6. Presentation Skills*

*compulsory units to be taken in INTI / **MPU subjects/ credits not included

Musculoskeletal Anatomy:

The name says it all!! However for this semester, the focus was more on upper and lower limbs musculoskeletal anatomy, including the nerves, arteries and joints.


This is one of my favourite subjects in this semester. Very interesting to learn about various diseases/disorders, their pathophysiology, etiology and the diagnostic tests used. Some examples of diseases/disorders that we learned about are diabetes, GIT diseases, pancreatic diseases, lung and heart diseases etc.


Another one of my favourite subjects in this semester. Topics we covered were pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, route of administration for drugs, drug treatment for various disorders/diseases and process of drug development.

Biochemistry and Neurophysiology:

A lot of my classmates dread this subject. For biochemistry we learned about carbohydrate, lipid and protein metabolism. Well, for the neurophysiology part, it was quite new to us and felt like information overload, but if you are willing to dedicate your free time to study the notes and understand the topic well, it is actually not that hard. For neurophysiology we covered neurotransmission, sensory system, motor system, cerebellum disorders, postural control and ANS.

Ethnic Relations:

It was the same like TITAS, only 3 face-to-face classes with the lecturer throughout the whole semester, and the rest was mainly completing weekly quizzes in the online portal.

As for our big assignment, it was to shoot a video about unity in Malaysia, no worries, it’s group work. First, a summary of your video will be submitted to the lecturer. After approval, you only may proceed to shoot your video. We took only 2 days to finish this, one day to write the lines, another day to shoot the video. The whole process was quicker than I have expected 🙂

Presentation Skills:

I have mixed feelings for this class. Well, it’s presentation skills, you’re suppose to do a small presentation in front of the whole class each week! It was fun, sometimes, but most times I feel pressured as I’m not a good public speaker. Topics that we touched on were Weak & Strong languages, Voice modulation , Closing with commitment etc.

RECAP: 1st semester in Physiotherapy

I’ve completed my semester last year, here’s a recap.

Units I have taken:

  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. General Psychology*
  4. University English*
  5. Islam and Asian Civilizations (TITAS)**
  6. Japanese*

*compulsory units to be taken in INTI / **MPU subjects/ credits not included


The foundation of every physiotherapy course. We learned the anatomical names for positions, movements and planes, main organs of the cardiorespiratory system, digestive system, excretory system, some bone, cranial nerves etc.


Same as the above, but the physiology aspect of it.

General Psychology:

Psychology is currently a really popular course in Malaysia, Overall, the subject was interesting, different from what I usually study. But again,

University English:

I thought this subject was really unnecessary, as we all had English education for how many? at least 11 years of our school life. Thankfully it wasn’t grammar class, but an essay writing class, which might be useful in the future I guess? We learned argumentative essays, email writing, report writing, statistical analysis essays etc.

Islam and Asian Civilizations (TITAS):

Well, if you are Malaysian and you are pursuing your tertiary level education in Malaysia, congratulations! The Malaysian government has set MPU (mata pelajaran umum/general studies) as a compulsory set of units to be completed by students pursuing tertiary level education in Malaysia, which means you will have to pass these units in order to graduate 😦

I’m not sure about other universities but here at INTI, we only have face-to-face classes with the lecturer 3 times in the whole semester, the rest was mainly completing weekly quizzes in the online portal.

As for our big assignment, it was actually to help organize OR participate in a cultural event. For my semester, it was a Deepavali celebration. There was dancing, singing, muruku making and also a saree competition.


Actually there were 4 foreign languages you can choose from: Chinese, French, German, Japanese. Why I chose Japanese? because I do watch a little anime, plus I had intentions to learn Japanese anyway (thanks to my no-English experience in Tokyo), this would be a good head start for me. Basically throughout the semester, I learn some basic conversation in Japanese and learn how to read and write Hiragana and Katakana. It was a pretty relaxing class compared to the other units I was taking.

Saying goodbye to my Instagram (@lollollynn)

Apparently social media addiction is a thing, and I think I have it.

I still remember my first Instagram photo, it was a picture of 8 subway sandwiches lined up in order. I didn’t post it, my friends did. They were introducing me to this new photo sharing app. Back then Instagram wasn’t such a big thing yet, and I didn’t really post much.

After I left high school, Instagram was slowly growing into one of those popular apps like Facebook and Twitter, and I found myself always scrolling down through my feed, admiring beautiful pictures taken by people that I follow. I admit looking at pictures of people having a great time with their friends, rocking that adorable outfit they had put on for a date, travelling to places with amazing scenery, it made me felt bad about myself, and thoughts about how my life is dull and boring was always lingering in my mind. I always felt sad and down after spending time on Instagram.

I wasn’t obsessed yet at that point, I didn’t have a lot of Instagram followers anyway, until one day, I posted a picture of me standing under the sun in some weird backache pose. That post gained about 50 likes, which was a lot for me considering the fact that the most likes I had so far were around 20 likes, plus normally I don’t post pictures of me.

I remembered how surprised and happy I was, and that’s how it started. I had dinner with friends, posted that online; I went hiking with friends, posted that online; I wore something gorgeous for a event, posted that online; the most extreme was, I travelled for 10 days, posted a picture of me every single day. And everytime someone likes my photo, I feel satisfied, I feel noticed, and I felt like I belonged in the Instagram community, living a colourful life as well.

Did I feel better? I thought I did, but it got worse. I was never satisfied no matter how many people liked and commented on my posts. I always felt down no matter what when I look at other people’s posts. I was comparing myself to others, and beating myself up (mentally) for not being good enough, for getting lesser likes compared to them.

It was an impulse move. I just posted a picture of me hanging out with a group of people that I work with 2 days ago, but now, it’s all gone, forever. I deleted my Instagram account today! At first, I felt relieved that I did it, but after that, thoughts started creeping in. Now people won’t know where I went, what I did, and how much fun I had. I feel like I’m going through identity crisis right now. What if people forget my existence? What if people think I’m not cool anymore?

It’s my first day, and I’m really panicking a little bit inside, but I hope, no, I will get over this. I’m not an entertainer, my purpose in life right now is not to entertain people with little details going on in my life. I have so much more other meaningful things to do like learning a new skill instead and focusing on my studies.

I’m not saying social media is bad. However in my case, Instagram impacts me more negatively than the benefits it can offer. Serious talk, social media is not bad, it’s the mindset of the people who are using it affects the experience they have there. I believe all inventions started out with good intentions. You don’t blame the knife for killing people, you blame the person who holds it, right?

Update: I ended up opening a new account for myself hah, so much for quitting instagram ==

It does not feel good to be sick

It’s been 3 days since I was sick. My head feels heavy, my throat is sore, my nose is stuffed and I have a fever 😦

As a student, I really hope I would miraculously recover instantly. I do not like the idea of spending my monthly allowance on visiting the doctor, who knows how much that would cost me.

It got me thinking somehow. After I graduate and start working, I really must take care of my health: eat right, exercise, sleep well and maintain my hygiene of course. It sounds like a lot but I wouldn’t want to spend my low income on spendings that can be avoided like a visit to the doctor when I’m sick.

It’s not only the money, being sick affects my performance as well. I always feel tired, which is bad because I have an exam coming up in 2 days, can’t memorize or concentrate very well when I’m sick. Being sick is bad for productivity.

That is why leading a healthy lifestyle is very important, not only to me, to everyone. I know it can be hard sometimes when we are all so busy with our tasks and jobs. Be flexible but also be discipline at the same time.

Few ideas:

  1. Sleep before 11pm (if possible)
  2. Opt for more natural foods in your diet instead of processed ones
  3. Walk more often!
  4. Exercise at least 30mins a day

These are my goals to achieve during my 4 years here in university. Get well soon to me 🙂

Stay healthy; Stay happy 😉

7 Days in Seoul (서울) – Part 2

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Common Ground (커먼그라운드)
We were here to get pictures as well~

Made a morning stop at Common Ground, a small pop-up container mall located near Konkuk University. It was alot shorter and smaller than I expected.

Famous Rainbow cake at Dore Dore cafe

Did we try the rainbow cake? Nope we didn’t.  It does look pretty but I wouldn’t spend money to try it.

Budget lunch at 7-11

We decided to visit Gangnam (강남) for a short while this afternoon. Originally our plan was to visit this:

Gangnam Style Sculpture at Coex Mall (picture by  BBC)

However when we got off the station, another attraction caught our eyes immediately.

SMTOWN in Coex atrium

Not a SM fan, but it was sure interesting to see a 5 floor building full of activities and merchandises produced by SM for SM fans.

This is like heaven for SM fans

They even have a theater that showcases hologram musicals and recordings of their tours.

However at the exit of Coex mall, a massive rally was going on. We were not sure what was it about, but it has something to do with the recent scandal of their president Park Geun Hye. That’s when we decided to halt on our little visit to Gangnam and make way to our next destination.

Namsan Seoul Tower (남산서울타워). You can either walk uphill to the tower or just take the cable car like we did. According to this blogger, it’s a 30 minute hike downhill. It was kinda late when we got there and we were tired (maybe lazy ><), we rode the cable car up and downhill. It was 8000krw/person for a round trip ticket, 600krw/person one way, a great excuse for us to prefer NOT WALKING, saves time, unless you want to enjoy the view of Seoul from above, then walking might be the better option for you.


I know this place is famous for their love locks, and did I mention almost all of the visitors here are couples?

single all the way #Foreveralone

It was crazily COLD up there! It was around 4°c that day, but the wind was so strong it felt like -4°c instead. We couldn’t handle the chilly sensation that was piercing through the many layers of our clothing and left after an hour. I swear I’m gonna come back again to visit, not in the winter, before the sun sets and somebody to accompany me 😉


The brunch day that I’ve been waiting for

Gwangjang Market (광장 시장)

They sell all sorts of things here, from clothes to food, a lot of food. However they are more or less the same varieties, just different stalls selling the same food.

It was 10,000krw for the octopus, 10,000krw for the yukhoe, 5,000krw for kimbap, and 5,000krw for bindaetteok.

We went back to Hongdae again after this. As my friend decided to purchase the pink coat that we saw there the other day before our trip to Dongdaemun. Lucky us, there is still one coat left for sale.

Haha’s grill meat shop was located in Hongdae as well. It’s called 401 Loco Quan Restaurant.

It was our first time having grilled meat in SK, and I’ve heard that grilled meat in general is quite pricey here. It costed us 40,000krw for this meal, 30,000krw for 400g of pork and 10,000krw for pig intestines (곱창). The amount of money we spent on FOOD only today, there goes our food budget for 2 days!

*Short story: later that night after our meal, we decided to go shopping for goods at Lotte Mart near Seoul Station. After lots of walking while enduring the attacks of icy winds on the streets and the subway tunnels, we finally reached the exit of Seoul Station. I can assure you that we were not very pleased to see Lotte Mart without any lights on inside. A lesson for everyone–please check the operating hours of any attraction or shops before you visit so that you wouldn’t end up like us, wasting time and energy for nothing, lesson learnt!


The only day throughout this trip where we left our room before 9am.

Nami island (남이섬) here we come!

About how to go to Gapyeong Station (가평역) from Seoul. Any station will do [Yongsan(용산) or Cheongnyangni(청량리역) in this case] as long as they have an ITX stop there. For us we took the ITX from Cheongnyangni Station. We bought our tickets on the spot at the ITX ticket machine, you can purchase them online as well. The ITX journey took less than an hour.

Economy class ticket

We bought free standing tickets  instead on our trip back from Gapyeong, It was cheaper and if you are lucky, there might be seats for you too 🙂

{Economy class= 4,300krw, Free standing=4,000krw] your choice.

After arriving at Gapyeong Station, you have to quickly make your way outside to catch the bus to Gapyeong Wharf. There is only 1 bus for every hour, definitely not enough to fetch everyone to the wharf. The bus fare was 6,000krw for the whole day, worth it if you are planning to visit other attractions nearby as well (like Petite France (쁘띠프랑스) & The Garden of Morning Calm (아침고요수목원)).

Nobody could bother to waste an hour waiting for the next bus, so we had to take the taxi instead, which was around 4.000krw from the station to the wharf.

We regretted not bringing any snacks with us and I feel like we could eat a horse when we arrived on the island. There were a few convenient stores and some expensive restaurants on Nami Island. I was so glad that we found this little ‘jjimppang’ stall:

I swear, when you are out in the woods fighting against gushes of icy wind, this is your best catch! It was soooo good, and only 1,000krw for one (the cheapest, warmest, most delicious snack on the island). This bun tasted somewhat similar to red bean paus we have back in Malaysia, which I liked better compared to the first ‘jjimppang’ I had in SK when I was in Busan, the red bean paste was salty instead.

The famous Metasequoia Lane (담양 메타세쿼이아길) where people take lovey dovey pictures to reenact scenes from Winter Sonata (결울연가)

Guess a lot of southeast asians visit Nami island often~

I was actually surprised and excited at the same time when I saw this. We met a few Malaysians at Gapyeong Station. I’ve never actually bumped into any Malaysians or southeast asians on the streets of Seoul yet (maybe I did, but I didn’t know).

Okay, I admit we are pretty bad at travelling. We did not finish strolling around the island. The furthest point we’ve explore to was the convenient store locted a few steps away from the ‘jjinppang’ stall. So how did we spent our entire afternoon doing? Trying to take good pictures of course, and also exploring the forest and the grassy fields beside the pathways.

Petite France & The Garden of Morning Calm? Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to visit there, maybe next time.

8 days of travelling has sure worn us out, it was time to relax.

Itaewon Land (이태원 랜드) SPA!!!

Basically we spent an hour and half sleeping in the heated room. The temperature outside was freaking -2°c!! I kinda enjoy sleeping in the heated room, at first I thought I would sweat like crazy and the whole room would smell like sweat, but it didn’t, laying there for an hour and half warmed my ice-numbed fingers well enough.

Comfy ‘jjimjilbang’ clothing

I did not enjoy the ice room and the salt room as much as the heated room, the salt room had a sandy sweaty smell that makes me feel uncomfortable. Again, we did not go for any massages or bath in the public bath, but we did had roasted egg(구운계란) and sikhye(식해).

The crew with our lamb towel hat

To know more about Itaewon Land, I recommend reading this post by Triplerin 🙂


Isaac Toast @ Myeongdong

The Myeongdong branch had a limited menu and only makes mvp sandwiches.

From: happiebb

However, there weren’t many people at the Hongdae branch, plus they had tables and chairs, but here at Myeongdong, we had to line up around 40 mins just for one sandwich!

Unfortunately, I had no pictures of my sandwich. I was so hungry I immediately gobble up my sandwich after the employee handed it to me.

View from Naksan Park (낙산공원)
Can you spot N Seoul tower?

We didn’t actually visited Naksan Park, we just happen to pass by it on our Ehwa Mural Village(이화 벽화마을) trail.

Our target was this:

And we made it 🙂

All thanks to the guidance of this blog, and with the help of Google maps, we managed to find our way.

We had our last dinner in Seoul at a small local shop. Well actually, we were just passing by and decided to go in because it was freezing cold outside! The restaurant was owned by a middle-aged couple, the wife stays in the shop preparing delivery foods and the husband delivers them to the neighborhood area. They don’t speak any english but we still managed to place an order with our weak Korean. If you are interested in what we had there, I have to apologize beforehand because of my shaky hands, the picture turned out terrible.

2 bibimbap(비빔밥) & 2 kimchi jjigae(김치찌개)) + side dishes

Finally, our day ended with us visiting Lotte Mart for souvenirs and goodies 🙂


Had to leave early to the airport to return the wifi-egg, settle our tax refunds and get or T-money balance as well.

Hangang(한강) OTW to airport

Super oily burger for lunch. It’s worth trying if you are curious but no seconds for me in the future.

Lotte mozzarella and hash brown burger

I will be back Seoul, a promise to myself 😉

7 Days in Seoul (서울) – Part 1

Seoul -> Busan

Transportation: Train (KTX)

Accomodation: Airbnb (RM48.30/night)

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Yes and we made it!

3hrs ++ on the KTX and here we are

Seoul is way waaaaay colder than Busan.

Still in Christmas mood I guess~

I’m so glad we stayed at Sinchon

  1. It was close to places that we wanted to go (a stop away from Ewha and Hongik University)
  2. Not too crowded but still lively (You should see the crowd at Hongik and Myeongdong station
  3. The rentals here were cheaper.

Staying around Subway Line 2 was a good choice, you can go to most of the attractions via this subway line. It is also one of the most heavily used subway lines around the world (according to Seoulistic).

One more reason why I love Sinchon:

Let me tell you!! This fishcake is just super cheap (500krw for one stick!!) and the soup is just delicious (the best I had so far). What touches me the most was how genuinely nice the owner (이모) treats us. We visit her stall almost every single night for supper and when she sees us, she immediately serves us cups of hot soup before we even start eating. I’m not sure if other stalls do this (cause we went to another one before and the owner was quite rude) but this small gesture of hers really warms us up during those freezing nights.

How to go: Sinchon station Exit No.7, you will see a few stalls in front of you. Just find the one that sells fishcake for 500krw/stick 🙂


Kick start our morning with a visit to Gyeongbukgong Palace (경북공). Okay, not really Gyeongbukgong, just Gwanghwamun (광화문).

credits to Travelers on Weekends

Okay so this picture may not be very clear, but we arrive from Yongseongmun Gate (용성문) and went out to Gwanghwamun Gate to take pictures. The entrance to Gyeongbukgong Palace is at Heungnyemun Gate (흥례문).

See the crowd, they are all here to witness the Changing of Guards Ceremony 🙂

There were so many people wearing hanbok (한복) when visiting the palace. I only found afterwards that admission to palaces are FREE when you wear hanbok , only ourselves to blame for not doing enough research before we came (hanbok rental is now on my bucket list).

There were a small group of protesters giving speeches at Gwanghwamun Square (광화문 광장) on that day. A few anti-president flags, tents and sculptures can be found there as well (the pictures might be too political sensitive to be uploaded here).

Lunch at Tosokchon Samgyetang (토속촌 삼계탕)

I read quite a few blogs recommending this place. The food was great, but it’s more of a touristy restaurant (most of the people working here are chinese, so are the customers). I don’t mean to offend anyone but I didn’t really get the vibes of me eating at a local restaurant. Here’s a list of what we ordered:

Credits to Top Left: One guy’s blog of eats, cooking, and travels, Top Right: visitKorea.net, Bottom Right: Will Fly For Food, bottom Left: Me 🙂

You can’t waste too much time on travelling from one place another. Close by attractions to Gyeongbukgong would be Bukchon Hanok Village (북천 한옥 마을), Samcheondong (삼천동) and Insadong (인사동).

The most famous view in Bukchon Hanok Village (ask the information guides around the area for more info 🙂
The cute information guides I was talking about. They can be found along the streets of Bukchon Hanok and Samcheondong.

Basically the whole afternoon, we were just casually strolling along the streets, taking pictures and do some light shopping, shopping for clothes of course!

That’s bout it, and we head of to Myeongdong (명동) to do some serious shopping this time.

The original plan was to have Isaac Toast for dinner, but by the time we were craving for dinner, they were already closing and not accepting anymore orders. So a change of plans lead us to—– JJAJANGMYEON (짜장면)!!!!!

One bowl of jjajangmyeon was enough for 2 ppl

Thus after filling our stomach, we continue on with our shopping.

If you are Chinese, or look Chinese, don’t be to surprised when the shop employees starts rattling on and on about their products in super fluent Chinese (they sound like they are from Mainland China). I was so amazed when I hear them speak for the first time, like wow their pronunciation is even better than mine! There are tons of Chinese people shopping in Myeongdong, and to cater the needs of their large Chinese market, speaking Chinese has become a must for these employees.

Most of the employees also believe that if you speak Chinese, you must be super rich (a so-called 土豪 or 暴发户 in Chinese). Therefore, they will keep on pushing their sales with you, pressuring you to buy more of their products. If you are not interested, just firmly say no. Their facial expression will darken, but they will still pack the others things that you have purchased nicely into a paperbag. DO NOT be intimidated by them, keep a list of what you are suppose to buy, so will not end up spending more than you need ( a really basic shopping tip lol), it will hard to find luggage space by then, plus carrying a big, heavy luggage to and fro the subway is not a wish move, unless you take a taxi or follow a tour bus.


We departed quite late today, around 11.00am.

The food shown above is Fire Rice (불밥). I know in the picture it does not look very appetizing, but trust me, this is definitely worth trying when you are visiting the area near Ewha Womans University (이화여자대학교).

The famous Ewha Womans University campus center building designed by Dominique Perrault
Injeolmi Bingsu (인절미 빙수) & Injeolmi Toast (인절미 토스트) at Sulbing (술빙)

We stopped by at Hongdae (홍대) for a while, just strolling around and doing some window shopping.

Isaac Toast (이삭 토스트) at Hongdae

Oh, in case you need to ask locals direction to any Isaac Toast shops, you have to pronounce Isaac as ‘ee-sa-k’ because they do not pronounce Isaac as the english ‘Isaac’ but korean’이삭'(ee-sak) instead 😉

Banana on a cake = banana cake?
Well a carrot on the cake, so that must be a carrot cake right?
Winter night in Cheonggyecheon (청계천)


Doota Mall (두타면세점)

Doota mall is more of a department store. If you are looking for wholesale fashion mall, it is located at the opposite Doota, near Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). It’s called Fashion Mall U:US (패션몰유어스)

Fashion Mall U:US

My friend was looking for a pink coat. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a winter coat that was in the shade of pink that we like. Overall, we didn’t enjoy shopping in there as the clothes on display didn’t have a price labeled on them and none of clothing really caught our attention. We left Dongdaemun empty handed that night.

Sea of LED roses at DDP
There were quite a few sculptures like this one scattered around DDP
That is one fancy security guard house at DDP